Meet the Owners

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Julia Gardner has taken over business where her father left off.  Julia is the Service Manager and takes care of the day-to-day operations.  She spent her growing-up years learning about cars from her dad around the family dinner table.  From a very young age, Julia wanted to go to work with Jim at Protano's!  After going to school and thinking about pursuing other careers, Julia came back home to the auto industry.  

Julia is a State Certified Inspector, and what she hasn't learned about cars by osmosis, she continues to learn, both in the classroom and in the shop. Julia's ability to tell you what is going on with your vehicle (in terms that you don't need to be a mechanic to understand) is unmatched. Gardner Automotive counts on her to translate what's going on in the bays to each customer so that nobody ever feels like they don't have an understanding of what their money is paying for or why they need it--a common problem in the industry. 

Jay Cintron has taken over as Lead Technician and Emission Repair Specialist.  Jay has many certifications from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence to back up his extensive and impressive knowledge about all makes and models of vehicles.  Today's vehicle technicians not only have to understand the "old school" workings of your car, they need to be well-versed about electrical and computerized systems to keep up with the increasingly complicated technology of modern vehicles, including hybrids.

During the well over ten years that Jay worked for and with Jim, he learned a lot--but continues to update his automotive education every year so he can give you the best possible service.  Sometimes we joke that Jay has a "magic touch" with cars, but it's pretty close to the truth!

The combination of skill sets represented by Jay, Julia, and the other capable members of our care team (Donnie, Dan, Jeff, Aaron, and Maggie) means that your vehicle is in great hands!