From our Google reviews:

*****  My Lexus was towed in by AAA because it wouldn't start.  Gardner's got it checked right away and got me back on the road.  They were so helpful and friendly.  the waiting room was so clean and comfortable.  I would recommend Gardner's to everyone!

*****  I have been doing business with Gardner Automotive since its beginning.  In at that time, I have never had any sort of problem with any work they have ever done.  They do what they promise every time and on time.  Additionally, the people in the business are friendly and personable.  They take the time to listen, are unfailingly respectful and courteous, and generally pleasant to deal with.  Looking for a reliable automotive repair business can be a nervous undertaking. Go to Gardner's.  You'll never have an unpleasant surprise.  ---Carl Haarmann

*****  Gardner Automotive is a great local business, my Toyota Corolla has never driven better, they are quick and friendly and always go extra mile!

*****  Brought my 2004 Explorer in for a noise and Gardner's was able to fix it asap again.  Thanks again, Kathy

*****  Hi, my name is Pete Campanale.  I live in West Boylston.  I have dealt with many garages and they all were a nightmare until I found Gardner Automotive.  It is a family garage, wonderful people.  If you have an emergency with your vehicle they get it in as soon as they can.  Very professional, great people, friendly too.  I became friends with Jeff, Julia, and Maggie.  The garage is as clean as my house.  They will fix any problem!

*****  I brought two cars with check engine lights to Gardner's, at the same time!  My former garage couldn't diagnose my car, so I decided to try a new place.  Gardner found the problem and fixed it the same day - so we decided to drop my wife's car off too, when we picked mine up.  We barely drove away before they called us to come back and said something was just unplugged, no charge on that one.  What an honest place.  My new garage.  --Dave

*****  I would like to take the time and opportunity to express my appreciation for the years of quality work and service I have received from Gardner Automotive.  I find this unique service center to have a great value and charm.  When you enter the office you are always greeted with a smile.  There is a sunny seating area with beverages available.  I have found them to be the most accommodating, reasonable, and honest automotive service to this day.  Gardner Automotive has been servicing my company's delivery vehicles which I depend on to get my drivers and product to their destination every day.  Gardner Automotive has been my go-to from oil/fluid changes to more of my comprehensive auto work needs, like restoring my '68 Pontiac Firebird classic show car.  Much gratitude and appreciation!  Sincerely, Aaron Darvish